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The Reverie Collection by Lou Van Overbeke

Lou Van Overbeke is a French Womenswear designer whose work focuses on giving life to the idea of ‘raw beauty’. Her designs reflect her love for nature and historical costume by creating organic shapes through creative cutting as well as giving an aged look using textile work and natural dyes. The collection Rêverie is meant to be seen as a dream, a peek into a magical world full of colours, darkness and flora. Influenced by fairytales and using her own imaginary world, the collection unfolds to reveal a story. Through experimentation, she has used natural dyes to create uneven colours and patterns in her work. All looks have been dyed using logwood, which has given purples, blues, greens, pinks, and other colours that can’t be described. With embroidery and beading, she creates the sparkle of a mystical world, and uses draping to create organic cuts, as if the clothes had been made by nature itself. The collection is an ode to women, nature, and escapism.

Metal nails & buttons by @anyotherkingdom_


Photographer @morriganrawson
MUA @fp_mua
Hairstylist @feelbreezee
Assistants Stylist @yenthusiast @eliza.ld
@_mandymoore @zsanettkukucska @anutumenjargal
Assistant lighting @ph.simeon

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