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Welcome to the Kingdom

In a world that is increasingly focussed on order, numbers and straight lines we invite you into the Kingdom. The Kingdom is a place in your imagination where you are free to indulge creatively and explore, learn new skills and evolve. Over the next few years we hope to evolve this space into a resource for creative actions, a support network for creative projects and more. Begin your adventure by exploring our jewellery making tutorials.



How to soft solder jewellery

Learn how to soft solder jewellery using the Tiffany technique. A great project for beginners and those looking to experiment with at home friendly jewellery making.


How to make a chunky silver ring

Use your silver scraps and the simple method of reticulation to create one of a kind chunky silver rings. 



How to: water casting

Learn how to water cast organic silver and gold shapes including crucible preparation - you can do this project at home, in your kitchen or garden.


Photograph your jewellery without a camera

Discover the delights of scan-ography and learn how to take photos without the need for a camera. This is a great project that might inspire you to make images of different things. 

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