The post-seductive image is a digital image that has been removed from the visual rendering of the digital screen. This artwork is a depiction of the post-seductive image.


Every day, we are seduced by an onslaught of discordant visual imagery, this seduction is a progressive process that has established itself over the last 20 years. The bright colours and lurid textures presented by our digital screens feel so “real”, yet they are forever intangible, forever a representation, forever just an idea. 


In removing the digital image from the human-centric visual rendering of the screen, the usually invisible structures that embody the true machinations of power beheld and obscured by the digital image are revealed.

Created from 100 layers of machine language, this artwork is a deconstruction of the digital image and was created in response to questions such as: What is the digital image actually made of? What form does it truly take?